Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The travel that I'm doing around the country is a journey of discovery.  I want to learn all about this existence that we're a part of.  How does it work?  What are the best practices for being human?  Which questions should I even be asking right now?  If it must be boiled down to one thought, it would be:
"what IS this place?"

As I figure out some of the ways this universe works I've taken to sharing them and leaving random chance in charge of the distribution.  I leave little gifts around in my wake.  

I'm writing these secrets on small scrolls of  paper and leaving them in tiny glass bottles with a message of invitation written on the outside of the jar.

The jars get hidden in public places just slightly outside of where you'd normally look if you're living via your default setting.  

don't know who will find them or how they'll react.  Maybe they'll laugh.  Maybe they'll think it's stupid.  Or maybe it'll be exactly what they need to hear.

The ones who will find the secrets of the universe will be the ones who are curious about their environment.  Those who participate with their surroundings will be rewarded.  Just like in life.

Keep your senses and your minds open, friends.  You might discover that you're already playing a massive game with complex rules that we are all simultaneously writing together.  If you play the game really creatively, there are prizes!!



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