Saturday, December 21, 2013


The other day I left New York City to begin my journey, to take the inertia-breaking first step.  I am most definitely a creature who is ruled by inertia. 

With my things packed, my goodbyes said, and my departure slightly more delayed than I'd hoped, I was off.

I went through a tunnel in the earth and came out in Korea.  I've been there the last few days.  Sooooo-ho-oooo much to write.  I cannot do it now though.  I feel the need to write this in the mountains, under the stars, with far less man-made light around me.  For now I'll simply say that the tidal pool which sits atop the first fall of the Dragon's Gate path is an incredible one.  This is how the journey began: going outside of my own space to end up traveling inward.

wfmu 91.1 fm reminds me that tonight is the solstice... the longest night of the year. How appropriate that this is when I re-emerge.  
Time to climb. 

first provisions, then...

So kids, if you hear the sound of someone howling at the moon may just be me.
Don't be afraid.  Join on in!!!!

Entry composed while listening to 91.1fm play "AQ BULAQ" (, followed by "NAGYANG CH'UN" ( the second of which is a traditional Korean Court Song.
Thanks for winking at me while I write this universe!  Hahaha!  Your sense if humor is awesome!  So glad I can hear it finally!!

Until there's more...


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