Friday, November 22, 2013


The other night I went to dinner with some great friends in Washington Heights.  They said there was a Mexican spot around the corner that seemed to have sprung up overnight.  

"It's either there or the Dominican place," Carla advised.

"And I don't want Dominican," Vanessa said with conviction.  

The place was small but decorated with real care.  We kept looking around at how well everything was put together.  It had lovely Aztec mandala on the walls, and a mirror at the end of the hallway positioned perfectly so that it gave the illusion of a larger space without making anyone angled to see a reflection of themselves.  

Sadly we found that they did not have a liquor license yet because the approval process in NYC is so long.  That got us into a conversation with our waitress about the place being so young.  We told her how awesome we thought it was and she seemed really touched. 

When asked if the owners were in she said, with a quietly proud grin, that this was her place she'd opened with her husband.  He was out on a delivery at the time but she said she'd introduce us to him when he got back.

We talked for a time about their journey and how they were doing what they loved.  It was a great night, meeting great new people.

This is Rafael and Sylvia, whose gold stars were awarded at their restaurant, The Grito Grill, 1555 St. Nicholas Ave., NYC, on Wednesday November 20th, 2013.  They received these stars for taking a risk, pursuing their dreams and opening a beautiful restaurant that brims over with their desire to nourish people, a beautiful act of giving!! These stars are for making their little corner of the universe a place that burns a bit brighter.

Objects chosen for brandishing of star:


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