Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Some mornings you wake up JUST in time to get out to your car and move it before you get a ticket...only to find you've locked yourself out of your host's house. 

While chilling out in my car, utilizing the heat and listening to some awesome radio, I've let my mind wander... and the universe brought it exactly where it needed to be.

For more than an hour I have been furiously typing concepts for my script "THE TIN MAN," into my phone's 'notes' section, and coming to some BRILLIANT and elegant solutions to concept issues I was having. These epiphanies are the product of months of percolation and countless conversations with the brilliant people that are part of my life.

Ugh!!!!  Creation is SUCH a delicious human experience!  One of my favs!!

Like a lot of the best things in life, inspiration is truly achieved not through excessive effort or angst or by depleting your energy...but by learning to relax the muscle of your mind so that it may float whichever way it wants in the stream of consciousness. 

Sometimes the hardest but most rewarding thing we can do with our time is to, simply,

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