Wednesday, October 23, 2013



This blog is a documentation of a year-long journey, traveling across the entire country for the first time and making a massive documentary fil project.  This journey also happens to fall in the year between my first trip to Burning Man, and my second.  

During this year, I have no home other than my van, covered in blue painter's tape instructing the viewer to "Burn Bright," or "Burn Your Stars Bright," depending which side of Life you're on.

I will be traveling the country shooting a documentary called, "NOTES TO SELF."  Along the journey I will never stay in a hotel... only with friends or strangers.  This blog is not intended to be a behind-the-scenes record of the documentary, it just happens to follow the same course of time.  

This is a record of what is happening at this time of my life, as I burn many parts of myself away to discover many more.  This is a place I can call attention to the special stories and moments that come up along the road, the things that teach me about the universe and people and myself.  This is MY collection of notes to self, and it is open for anyone else who cares to look at it too.

Welcome to the journey.